I’m a writer. No, really — I’m a writer. Sometimes I question my abilities to write, but recall that I’ve written some pretty good stuff over the years, but I never had the moxie to publish anything. Well, that’s a lie. I was published in a poetry magazine…ok, not a real magazine. OK, not really a magazine at all. It is a free publication featuring a bunch of Literature teachers’ attempts at emulating Keats, Shelley, Williams Carlos Williams, or Frost during a workshop. I was pregnant with my first child at the time and alluded to having gas in my poem…but nonetheless, I was published.

So, writing. As my subject heading suggests, this is my first writing assignment, not from any master teacher or professor, but an assignment from yours truly — me. I decided, in light of all things considered in my life at this time, at this moment, that I needed to assign a productive activity for myself. Sure, I have all my degrees and just finished another graduate course at the tune of $99 for one credit, but this is different. This is different because this is a new beginning for me. A new career, perhaps, that I can really enjoy and share with the world. Sounds a little over-stepping, but, it could happen. Just like I could, one day, be Queen of the World…. Alright. Wishful and unattainable dreams. But my ADHD makes me digress…. “Blame on it my ADD, baby!” This I do often. And I love ellipses. Ellipses are the greatest grammatical invention EVER! I should know because I am the self-proclaimed Grammar Goddess (never liked the “nazi” label – goddess is so much more sexy, don’t you think?).

What is the purpose of blogging, anyway? I could write that the purpose is to inform, entertain, share, express, waste time…. But the truth of the matter is that there really isn’t any set purpose of blogging. Twenty years ago, the term, “blog,” didn’t even exist. So, am I a blogger now that I wrote this blog? Maybe. Will I get paid for this blog? Not a cent. Will I make a career out of blogging? I hope so. Give me your feedback in the comments section. Tell me about what you’d like to read and what interests you. I’m open to all suggestions, opinions, and criticism. No holding back.

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